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“This year I have traveled the world, from Hong Kong to Brazil and Turkey to Chile, among many other countries, examining for the Royal Academy of Dance. With the rich history of the RAD, and it’s commitment to excellence, I can tell you that by choosing a school like Grace Ballet & Acrobatics Studio ,where this curriculum is implemented successfully, you are giving your children the best dance education in the world.” - Vera Stephenson, Examiner for the Royal Academy of Dance

Achieving an international standard of excellence

All students at Grace Ballet & Acrobatics Studio are encouraged to achieve excellence through the syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dance and AcrobaticArts.

This gives students

  • Achievable goals to work towards

  • Recognition from the world’s largest ballet & acrobatics examination boards

  • The impetus to achieve their personal best in a fun and nurturing environment

  • The ability to encourage fellow students as they work towards a common goal of excellence.

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