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Why invest in dance education?

It's not about the recital

Ready to hear something revolutionary? You are not paying for your child to dance on a stage once a year. Do you know what your investment brings?

You are investing so your child can build lasting friendships.
You are investing so your child can spend hours learning skills, which correlate to math and reasoning skills.
You are investing so your child learns how to push their body past what is easy and on to what is possible. 
You are investing so your child learns that building others up doesn't bring himself down.
You are investing so your child has a safe place to explore who she is artistically.
You are investing so your child can learn to love her body for what it can do, not what it looks like.

Ok, but really what does it cost?

We want to make budgeting as easy as possible for your family. Because of this, everything you need is budgeted into tuition right from the start! Most studios will charge you $300+ simply to participate in the spring recital. At Grace, it is all included to make your life as easy and stress free as possible.

What is included?

Your child's weekly learning time, performance evaluations for either ballet or acrobatics, production costumes, production participation fee, our production DVD, studio T-shirt, camp t-shirt, welcome gift at first week of class, end of the year character award, and fun events throughout the year
All a bonus value of more than $350!*

*Based on one class taken, savings are higher for multiple classes

Does that big value come at a high cost?

No. You won't find our prices higher than other studios, instead you will just find we are more upfront about our complete cost so you can easily budget and never have a surprise bill. 

Cost breakdown 2024-2025

Family Deposit $50 - This non-refundable fee is due with fall enrollment and holds your family's spot in the classes you choose.

Your monthly investment is based upon how many hours each student takes, and it includes everything else built in, including several costumes for those taking multiple classes.

.5 hours weekly $76 monthly fee

.75 hours weekly $88 monthly fee

1 hour weekly $105 monthly fee

1.25 hours weekly $131 monthly fee

1.5 hours weekly $145 monthly fee

1.75 hours weekly $173 monthly fee

2 hours weekly $196 monthly fee

2.5-2.75 hours weekly $229 monthly fee

3-3.25 hours weekly $276 monthly fee

3.5-3.75 hours weekly $315 monthly fee

4-4.25 hours weekly $361 monthly fee

4.5 hours = Studio unlimited plan $399 monthly fee

Family Maximum of $725 monthly

This will be the rate you will pay for August through June. We also will release our summer schedule as early as possible in the school year to help you plan your summer with us in amazing summer camp experience on the week that works best for your family!

Optional costs: picture day pictures,

Not Included: Attire your dancer will wear to their regular weekly class as students grow at different rates and often still have a few articles leftover from last year. See our Dress Code page for more information.   Tickets for the December and June productions. Shorter shows (Preschool levels) are $10-15 per ticket. Trilliant and above levels are $15-20 per ticket. Performers do not require a ticket.

Sales tax is also added to each purchase. 

What types of payment do you take?

You have two choices. You may be on auto-pay, where your credit or debit card is charged on the 1st of the month, or you may SAVE 5% by paying in full for the year by the first class. Paid-in-full payments may be made with check.

Payments made are non-refundable. In the case of injury where a dancer is unable to continue dancing, or where a family has moved out of the area a refund will be given for any unused months if the year was paid in full. 

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