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CULTIVATING an international standard of excellence through the curriculum of the Royal Academy of Dance and AcrobaticArts 


HONORING each student's unique gifts, strengths, and artistic expression through wholesome education


SHARING the Gospel of grace through the splendor of dance

What makes us unique

Safeguarding Dignity - Our choices throughout each level will be made in order to safeguard the dignity and value of students and our team. No need to worry about your toddler or your teen prancing around in next to nothing.  We begin as we mean to go in protecting each child's innocence. 


Servant Leadership - Students are propelled towards excellence through example not just words. Teachers are encouraging, uplifting and excellent examples to students inside and out of class. 


Seamless Experience - Students are given a seamless education with teacher’s trained to make each transition from level to level graceful and effortless.  It truly is a team effort around here!

Sharing the Gospel - We strive to share the gospel through actions and tone. This means that our peace, love and  encouragement stem from and lead students towards the love of God. 


Showing Value - We show each individual that they are valued and important. This is done throughout class, in our organization and communications styles and  through many special ways we surprise and connect with  students throughout the year. 

100%  Happiness Guarantee

Wondering if dance or acrobatics are a good fit for your preschooler? We understand and are so confident they will LOVE their classes that we have a 100% money back guarantee for all of our classes. 

If after attending all classes within the first 30 days of your first class date, you are not completely satisfied with your experience we will offer you a refund on tuition and your enrollment fee will stay as a credit on your account to be used towards any future year.  Your request for a refund must be received via email by the end of your first month and is only eligible if your dancer attended all the classes scheduled within that month, giving us the best chance possible to make their experience a great one.


Our Happiness Guarantee is only applicable to dancers trying classes for their first month.

Learn more here

HONORING each student and family through a wholesome recital experience

Another chance to show off your progress

Show off your performance skills to all your friends and family in a beautiful venue


Achieve through performing

The confidence and enthusiasm students feel when they have performed to the roaring applause of the audience is a gift that they will never leave behind or forget.

Enjoy an encouraging storyline

Our productions take you on an adventure by using a storyline, dance, acrobatics, and a whole lot of sparkly magic to make it a show you won't want to miss!

“This year I have traveled the world, from Hong Kong to Brazil and Turkey to Chile, among many other countries, examining for the Royal Academy of Dance. With the rich history of the RAD, and it’s commitment to excellence, I can tell you that by choosing a school like Grace Ballet & Acrobatics Studio ,where this curriculum is implemented successfully, you are giving your children the best dance education in the world.”

- Vera Stephenson, Examiner for the Royal Academy of Dance

We Believe

We believe in honoring each student's unique gifts, strengths, and artistic expression through wholesome education.

Our studio is a place where every member of the family can feel comfortable.

We believe in excellence in education and cultivate that through our international curriculum from

the Royal Academy of Dance, AcrobaticArts, Progressing Ballet Technique, and Alixa Flexibility. 

We believe that dance is a gift from God, and we, in return, share the good news of the Gospel through the splendor of dance. 

We believe in community, and for the last 20 years, Grace has been serving families in Iowa.

We Believe

  • in ONE GOD, eternally existent in three persons (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) through whom the world was created in six literal days. 

  • JESUS CHRIST was fully God and fully man, born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died as a payment for our sins, and rose again after three days. 

  • SALVATION is by grace alone. No works can save you and each individual must choose this free gift for themselves. 

  • ALL HUMAN LIFE is sacred and created by God, created in His image.  No one person is more valuable than another regardless of race, culture, social standing, born or unborn. This value begins at conception.

  • TWO DISTINCT sexes were created, male and female.  These two genders wonderfully reflect the image and nature of God. 

  • THE BIBLE is the inspired word of God, and any unmentioned beliefs would be based upon the Word of God. 

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