What makes us unique

Safeguarding Dignity - Our choices throughout each level will be made in order to safeguard the dignity and value of students and our team. No need to worry about your toddler or your teen prancing around in next to nothing.  We begin as we mean to go in protecting each child's innocence. 


Servant Leadership - Students are propelled towards excellence through example not just words. Teachers are encouraging, uplifting and excellent examples to students inside and out of class. 


Seamless Experience - Students are given a seamless education with teacher’s trained to make each transition from level to level graceful and effortless.  It truly is a team effort around here!

Sharing the Gospel - We strive to share the gospel through actions and tone. This means that our peace, love and  encouragement stem from and lead students towards the love of God. 


Showing Value - We show each individual that they are valued and important. This is done throughout class, in our organization and communications styles and  through many special ways we surprise and connect with  students throughout the year. 

Sharing the Gospel of grace through the splendor of 



CULTIVATING an international standard of excellence through the curriculum of the Royal Academy of Dance and AcrobaticArts 


HONORING each student's unique gifts, strengths, and artistic expression through wholesome education


SHARING the Gospel of grace through the splendor of dance

Your dancer's path to brilliance

Behind all the fun and adventure of each themed class dancers are being inspired to learn through these an international syllabi crafted by the Royal Academy of Dance and mastered by registered teacher and director Anna Horvath. Using themes, props, and charming music, dancers will learn an entire range of movements, musical skills, and performance qualities.


Dancers will learn:

Confidence, Control, Coordination, Body awareness, Sensitivity to music, Spacial awareness

& a love for performing. 

      Princess 1 is designed for dancers ages 2.5-4

      Princess 2 is designed for dancers ages 4-5

      AcroDance Citrine is for dancers ages 2.5-4

These Royal Academy of Dance programs are designed to promote fun and enjoyment that are relevant to a young child's developmental stage and not only provide high standards of dance training but also develop physical and structural skills, stamina, creativity, expression, and musicality which are beneficial to students' continuous development in life and in dance.

Dancers now have the opportunity to take tap

& perform with Encounter Performing Arts Company

      Trilliant 1 is designed for dancers age 5

      Trilliant 2 is designed for dancers ages 6-7

      Trilliant 3 is designeed  for dancers ages 7-8

      AcroDance Trilliant  begins with level Ruby

Achieving excellence through the international standard set forth by the Royal Academy of Dance & Acrobatic Arts, dancers will be inspired to perform with not only great technique but also expression, passion, and artful honesty.

Dancers now have the opportunity to add Contemporary & Pre-Pointe to their ballet & tap classes

       Radiant 1 is designed for dancers age 8+ and now includes Pre-Pointe and Contemporary dance

       Radiant 2 is designed for dancers ages 9+ and now includes Pre-Pointe and Contemporary dance.

       AcroDance Radiant begins with level Sapphire

Every Marquise student is encouraged to be a part of the Lustrous Leadership Team where they are inspired to lead other students by example and sharing their unique gifts through our studio mentorship program. Here they will learn what Godly servant leadership is about and will be invited to be boldly leading the way for all younger dancers. 

      Marquise 1 is designed for dancers who have completed Radiant 2

      Marquise 2 is open to dancers who have completed Marquise 1

      Marquise 3 is open to dancers who have completed Marquise 2

      AcroDance Marquise extends through the Pre-Professional level

Students in Brilliant are invited to participate with Encounter Performing Arts Company twice yearly for performances that clearly communicate the Gospel through dance.

They also have creative worship integrated into class as they focus on the value of SHARING the Gospel.

Dancers have the honor of being part of our 

Lustrous Leadership Team and joining the studio mentorship program

Brilliant is designed for dancers who have completed Marquise 3 and have been invited into the Brilliant level. 

AcroDance Brilliant is for the pre-professional acrobat who is also in the Brilliant level for ballet. 

100%  Happiness Guarantee

Wondering if dance or acrobatics are a good fit for your preschooler? We understand and are so confident they will LOVE their classes that we have a 100% money back guarantee for all of our Princess level classes. 

If after attending all classes within the first 30 days of your first class date, you are not completely satisfied with your experience we will offer you a refund on tuition AND your enrollment fee.  Your request for a refund must be received via email by the end of your first month and is only eligible if your dancer attended all the classes scheduled within that month.


Our Happiness Guarantee is only applicable to dancers trying classes for their  first month within the Princess level. 

HONORING each student and family through a wholesome recital experience

Another chance to show off your progress

Show off your performance skills to all your friends and family in an AMAZING 4,000 seat venue.


Achieve through performing

The confidence and enthusiasm students feel when they have performed to the roaring applause of the audience is a gift that they will never leave behind or forget.

Enjoy an encouraging storyline

Our productions take you on an adventure by using a storyline, dance, acrobatics, and a whole lot of sparkly magic to make it a show you won't want to miss!

Join us this year at Franklin Auditorium on June 5th 2021

Performance Evaluations are for everybody and every body!

All students at Grace Ballet & Acrobatics Studio are encouraged to participate in performance evaluations with the Royal Academy of Dance and/or AcrobaticArts.

These exciting opportunities bring students to an entirely different level of confidence and help shape their belief in themselves from a young age. 

  • Awards for their achievement

  • Achievable goals to work towards

  • Recognition from the world’s largest ballet & acrobatics examination boards

  • The impetus to achieve their personal best in a fun and nurturing environment

  • Personalized feedback from an international examiner to help tailor teaching specifically to them

  • The ability to encourage fellow students as they work towards a common goal of excellence.

 “This year I have traveled the world, from Hong Kong to Brazil and Turkey to Chile, among many other countries, examining for the Royal Academy of Dance.

With the rich history of the RAD, and it’s commitment to excellence, I can tell you that by choosing a school like Grace Ballet & Acrobatics Studio ,where this curriculum is implemented successfully, you are giving your children the best dance education in the world.”

- Vera Stephenson, Examiner for the Royal Academy of Dance

Inclusive tuition

Means you never have to worry about a budget busting bill.

We want to make budgeting as easy as possible for your family. Because of this, everything you need is budgeted into tuition right from the start! Most studios will charge you $300+ simply to participate in the spring recital. At Grace, it is all included to make your life as easy and stress free as possible.

What is included?

Your child's weekly learning time, performance evaluations for either ballet or AcroDance, production costumes, production participation fee, our production DVD, studio T-shirt, camp t-shirt, welcome gift at first week of class, end of the year character award, and fun events throughout the year
All a bonus value of more than $325!*

*Based on one class taken, savings are higher for multiple classes

.5 hours weekly = $62 per month
.75 hours weekly = $75 per month
1 hour weekly = $89 per month
1.25 hours weekly = $110 per month
1.5 hours weekly = $123 per month
1.75 hours weekly = $144 per month
2 hours weekly = $166 per month
2.5-2.75 hours weekly = $193 per month
3-3.25 hours weekly = $232 per month
3.5-3.75 hours weekly = $265 per month
4-4.25 hours weekly = $304 per month
4.5 hours and above weekly = Studio unlimited plan = $334 
per month

1st sibling 10% off
2nd sibling 20% off
3rd+ sibling 30% off

Family Maximum of $615 monthly

This will be the rate you will pay for August through June. We also will release our summer schedule as early as possible in the school year to help you plan your summer with us in amazing summer camp experience on the week that works best for your family!

Optional costs: picture day pictures, reserved seating for our spring production

Not Included: Attire your dancer will wear to their regular weekly class as students grow at different rates and often still have a few articles leftover from last year.

Enrollment Fee                    

An annual enrollment fee of $50 per family covers the cost of mailings, insurance, handbooks, rehearsals, and so on. Enrollment fees are not refundable, except for preschool students who are determined to be unready for dance and the fee will be credited to the following season.

Sales tax is also added to each purchase. 

Meet Your Team

Kari Rosfjord

Kari is a trained dancer from the University of Iowa and has been teaching since 2016. After college, she received her certificate in AcroDance by AcrobaticArts. She is passionate about teaching students how the Gospel can be seen in every day life!

Caitlynn Bruscher

Caitlynn graduated from Central College with a BA, having studied health and exercise along with theater. She has been dancing for 20+ years with 5 years of teaching experience. Her passion and love for dance and sharing dance with others only continues to grow.

Faith LaVan

Faith has a love for AcrobaticArts and the beauty of dance. She is overjoyed to share this love with her students, and inspire them to have the joy of creativity through movement.

Anna G Johnson

Anna has a passion for teaching and has been the Director of GB&AS since 1998. 

Mother of 4 children herself she sees the value of an encouraging and uplifting enviornment and the benefit of dance in the lives of children and families.

See the Director's blog here

Michael Viator

Michael is the Artistic Director of Encounter Performing Arts Company. Being a former professionaal dancer, he loves to teach, choreograph, and inspire his dancers to be excellent in their art form, to the glory of the Lord.

Olivia Viator

As a former professional dancer and missionary with Ballet Magnificat! Olivia is passionate about using dance as a tool to  share the gospel and desires to instill that to her students. Olivia now teaches at  GB&AS and helps her husband lead Encounter Performing Arts Company

We Believe

We believe in honoring each student's unique gifts, strengths, and artistic expression through wholesome education.

Our studio is a place where every member of the family can feel comfortable.

We believe in excellence in education and cultivate that through our international curriculum from

the Royal Academy of Dance, AcrobaticArts, Progressing Ballet Technique, and Alixa Flexibility. 

We believe that dance is a gift from God, and we, in return, share the good news of the Gospel through the splendor of dance. 

We believe in community, and for the last 20 years, Grace has been serving families in Iowa.

We believe 

  • in ONE GOD, eternally existent in three persons (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) through whom the world was created in six literal days. 

  • JESUS CHRIST was fully God and fully man, born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died as a payment for our sins, and rose again after three days. 

  • SALVATION is by grace alone. No works can save you and each individual must choose this free gift for themselves. 

  • ALL HUMAN LIFE is sacred and created by God, created in His image.  No one person is more valuable than another regardless of race, culture, social standing, born or unborn. This value begins at conception.

  • TWO DISTINCT sexes were created, male and female.  These two genders wonderfully reflect the image and nature of God. 

  • THE BIBLE is the inspired word of God, and any unmentioned beliefs would be based upon the Word of God. 

Ankeny, Des Moines, Indianola, Marshalltown