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We Worshipped

We just ended two summer camps and I can say, I personally experienced Holy Spirit in a life-changing way.

Before camp began, with the help of some beautiful Spirit-led friends we walked through the studio and to every corner of our property and prayed that Holy Spirit would be present in our space and against the lies of the enemy against us - Then we stepped into the most amazing summer experience!

We had ART of Worship Camp first, this was a camp exploring all the creative ways that we can worship the Lord... Singing, Dancing, Writing Music, Painting, Drawing, Making Jewelry, Scripture Writing and so much more... This was a week where we expected to encounter Holy Spirit so while we were amazed at how the week went we took it in stride, maybe we should have known that God was just getting started.

Then came time for Turn & Tumble camp. We spent the week dancing to songs all about miracles... Parting of the red sea, Lazarus coming back to life, dry bones turning into an army, healing, and the miracle of salvation. We knew that with just a little faith we can see big miracles. The faith of our campers was truly amazing, they started looking for ways to pray for others. One miracle story was a dancer who didn't feel well - She sat out of a portion of a class and without prompting a group of students all surrounded here and prayed for healing for her and she went from miserable to dancing and even spoke publicly (a giant deal for this shy dancer) about her experience... The culture of prayer and expectancy of seeing a miracle of their own filled the camp and by the end of the week we had campers crying because it was over - but not to worry, the culture of miracles continues!

It wasn't only the healing of multiple dancers in the week that we saw, but the softening of hearts and restoration of relationships and hope as well. It was Holy Spirit speaking clearly to and through children and the dry bones of our own army beginning to come back to life.

It has been our goal to incorporate worship into everything we do, but this summer took that to a whole new level and gave us teachers a real experience of how to bring Holy Spirit into every class and event.

God is doing amazing things this year and we can't wait to step into the future that He has for us all!

Miss Anna

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