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Having too much fun to shower

We went to the chiropractor last week and as we entered the room he commented on how nice everyone smelled and asked if it was our shampoo or body wash... It was at that moment I realized that the kid's hadn't had a bath this week at all... Please tell me I am not alone?! Summer hours are precious and fleeting and somehow there is always so much to do and showering seems like a bore when you can simply use the sprinkler or pool as a shower right? Maybe it was all the sunshine and vitamin D coming out of their skin he smelled -ha-

Our summer has been filled with....

Jester Park with friends

Exploring the Trek The Park challenge (we were doing it without even knowing there was actually a challenge with prizes... So here is your link to understand more and join in exploring the area parks!)

The Omaha Zoo

We did a 21 day no spend challenge (it was harder on mom than kids I can tell you... though everyone may have shed a tear over 21 days without Chik-Fila) but the leftover in our budget after the challenge we spent going for a weekend to the Omaha Zoo and Children's Museum! (If you have a Science Center pass the museum there is FREE!)

We had amazing swim lessons for three weeks in a row... My 3 year old can jump in the deep end, swim to the surface and then flip over and float... Isn't that amazing?! Quality instruction for the win!

We went to Adventureland... The new roller coaster is a wonderful kid roller coaster! Smooth for adults and not too scary for kids... Love it!

and even with all of that fun my oldest came to me one day and said "Mom, I am so lonely. I miss my dance friends".... Thankfully it was right before summer camp started up at the studio, because she really does have amazing dance friends, and finding people you can work hard alongside is so special! They are all doing a few camps this summer and love every minute of them!

Having dance friends is so important. I am glad that my daughter can have lasting relationships with other dancers with the same interests and who understand her dedication!

Dance friends are the best kind of friends

What have you been doing with your summer?

Bonus if you share some fun photos of your adventures!

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