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Grow Your Garden

I heard a great sermon this morning, it was about cultivating the Holy Spirit in your life... but really, it touched on every aspect of life. What I felt like God was speaking to me was... "What type of garden do you want to grow?"

Maybe you want to grow a garden of summer relaxation, or summer fun, or summer structure. Maybe you want to grow a garden in your home of laughter, joy and friendship or maybe it's learning, enrichment and logic.

Whatever type of garden you want to grow, you can. Gardens take work... In fact I have pretty much killed each and every type of plant I have tried to keep alive over the past few years... but I am working on it. I potted a few flowers from the Farmers Market yesterday - I specifically asked the local grower what a person like me (who is a "plant killer with 4 little plant killer helpers") should plant. She gave me great tips and picked out some hardy plants and I am going to attempt to keep them alive because I love how they look on my porch (Feel free to drive by and see if they are still alive if you so desire)


Sorry for the pause... I remembered I hadn't watered the flowers since planting them and took a moment to go do that... Ok, so if you drive by maybe empty whatever water bottles are rolling around in your car into my planter while you are at it. Ha, it might take a village to grow this particular garden.

Back to the point. We grow what we want to grow, we grow what we invest in.

Personally, I want to grow a garden in my home of joy, laughter, love, friendship, trust and a pursuit of Jesus Christ.

In the studio, I want to grow a garden of learning, big eyes full of wonder, belief in ones self, joy in knowing who God made you to be, and the ability to speak volumes through the language of dance.

So now, how do we do that? Well, make one good choice at a time.

In our home it has been choosing to do things together that all will enjoy, it has been choosing to open the windows and blare the music while we drive, it has been choosing to have deeper conversations about what it means to love your family with each child, and as a family praying for and with each other. For me personally it has been to wake up before the sun (Did you know it comes up by 5:40am?) and have quiet time before the kids wake up.

In the studio it has been to continue our focus on sharing the gospel through dance - not just at recitals, but in class, in summer camps, on social media, in everything we do. Sharing the gospel through the way we look at and value each student and family. I might not speak the name of Jesus in every class, but I hope you feel the joy, love and hope that I have to offer each time you come.

I have been making a playlist of songs that I am loving right now. I will continue to add to this as I hear songs, so feel free to follow this playlist and sing along with me, or even better, comment below with your favorite belt it out song that encourages you.... and I personally challenge you to open the windows of your car, blast these songs on the radio and get your kids singing along on the way to wherever you are going. I bet you will show up in a better mood than what you were in when you were searching for that allusive toddler shoe just moments before.

I am excited to know what type of gardens you are growing... I bet the harvest. will be amazing!

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