Meet Your Team

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Anna G Johnson

Anna has a passion for teaching and has been the Director of GB&AS since 1998. 

Mother of 4 children herself she sees the value of an encouraging and uplifting enviornment and the benefit of dance in the lives of children and families.

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Kari Rosfjord

Kari is a trained dancer from the University of Iowa and has been teaching since 2016. After college, she received her certificate in AcroDance by AcrobaticArts. She is passionate about teaching students how the Gospel can be seen in every day life!

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Michael Viator

Michael is the Artistic Director of Encounter Performing Arts Company. Being a former professionaal dancer, he loves to teach, choreograph, and inspire his dancers to be excellent in their art form, to the glory of the Lord.

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Caitlynn Bruscher

Caitlynn graduated from Central College with a BA, having studied health and exercise along with theater. She has been dancing for 20+ years with 5 years of teaching experience. Her passion and love for dance and sharing dance with others only continues to grow.

Olivia - GBHS2019_b&w-4196.jpg

Olivia Viator

As a former professional dancer and missionary with Ballet Magnificat! Olivia is passionate about using dance as a tool to  share the gospel and desires to instill that to her students. Olivia now teaches at  GB&AS and helps her husband lead Encounter Performing Arts Company

Faith - GBHS2019_b&w-4277.jpg

Faith LaVan

Faith has a love for AcrobaticArts and the beauty of dance. She is overjoyed to share this love with her students, and inspire them to have the joy of creativity through movement.

Grace Ballet & Actobatics is the best dance studio. The teachers are amazing and the focus is on building up their students and sharing Gods glory. - Amanda