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How a dress code helps students learn

Dance is a discipline, and this discipline carries over into what is worn in the studio. By eliminating the distraction of different lines, or colors, or shapes, the dancers and the teacher can focus instead on the lines that each dancer's body is making.


In acrobatics classes, this also helps to keep students performing at the level they have achieved as each level has it's own color of shorts. When a student has mastered a skill (for example, both sided cartwheels - one of the defining factors in the Sapphire level), then any more advanced color level would be expected to also have that skill. This standard helps students never rest only on old skills but instead push forward to new and better achievements. 

Our dress code is always wholesome and appropriate with no bellies showing for any student on or off stage.

Dance attire is  purchased onsite from our boutique.

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