All your production information in one place

We want our production to be an enjoyable experience for everyone. For this reason, we give you as much information ahead of time as possible so you know what to expect! 

Did you get your Recital Handbook? Each family should have received a Recital Handbook that holds all of the details for our show. If you cannot find yours, you may reference it here as well. 

Hair and Makeup Tutorials

(Those only in acrobatics have hair in a neat pony tail with no bangs or flyaways

dancers follow one of these tutorials.)

Short hair? Watch this video

Long hair? Watch this video

Does your child have hair that may be difficult? Either too short, very curly, or very long?

Please feel free to ask questions, and we will help you find an easy solution! The main goal is that hair is taken care of and won't fall out. Between costume changes, car rides, snack time, dancing on the stage, and changing hair bows, hair should stay as it was meant to be. 


Costumes will go home April 8-11th. Account balances must be at $0 in order to get your costumes. Parents, please come to the last 5 minutes of class to get costume details and pick up costumes. Costumes will not go home with a student unless an adult (carpool parent is fine) comes in. 


For the majority of our students, we strongly recommend that you wear full make-up for both the rehearsal and the performance - even boys. The theatre lights will make faces look white and washed-out without make-up and will make it difficult for the audience to see faces.

Please use foundation and apply blush below the cheekbone. We also recommend bright red lipstick - please avoid purple. Please use eyeliner and mascara so the audience can see your eyes! For eye shadow, we recommend you apply a lighter color on the lid and then a darker color in the crease to define the eye. Please use earth/nude tones for eye shadow - not purples and blues. Advanced dancers may wish to wear false eyelashes.

For toddlers, makeup is optional, but recommended. However, we respect each parent's decision about make-up.

What show is my child in?

Refer to the Recital Handbook for the running order of recitals. This will also tell you rehearsal times. 

Recital Theme

This year’s production is an original story written by Miss Anna. It takes us on the journey of some friends, who are in search of the WORLD’S GREATEST STAR! You see, one of our characters believes that she will eventually be the world’s greatest star, and she wants to see what she has to do to make sure the title is properly hers. Luckily, her friend has just finished his time machine, and they take it on a test drive to the past. First, they stop in 1999. This was the year of the first recital for Grace Ballet & Acrobatics Studio…just known as Grace Ballet back then. Here, they see dances from the first show Grace Ballet ever performed, The Nutcracker! They also see other dances from that time period, and although it’s great, our star believes she can top that. 


So on they travel back to the Golden Age of Hollywood. There were lots of stars in this time period for sure! They eat some popcorn and gummy bears and see films from all the greatest stars, but she is confident she can outdo them all. So on they travel to July 4, 1776. This day is full of stars and stripes and lots of patriotic pride. The war may have been won in this time period, but could any one specific person from this time period win the title of world’s greatest star?… 


Oh no! What happened? The time machine has a malfunction and takes them back to the time of dinosaurs! Will our story have a happy ending? Or will they get eaten to death? Alas! The time machine is repaired, and they start to travel back to the year 2019. Suddenly, the onboard computer completes its calculations and does find the world’s greatest star. What star is this that is the most important on earth? What can be done to surpass its importance to gain the title? Don’t miss the end of the story to find out!

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